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Upcoming Events
Spirit Night at Red Robin | April 19 (4-8 p.m.)
Spirit Night at Zaxby's | April 26 (5-8 p.m.)
PA Meeting | May 3 (9 a.m.)
Upcoming Spirit Night
April 19 at Red Robin (4-8 p.m.)
April 26 at Zaxby's (5-8 p.m.)





Meetings & Committees
• Next Meeting: May 3 at 9 a.m. (Join Virtual)
PA Committees
• Communications
• Spirit Night
• Fall Festival Planning
• Teacher Appreciation
• T-Shirts
• Parent Recruitment

PA Sponsored Events
Social Events
• All-School Picnic
Giving Back
• Free T-shirts for students and staff
• Teacher Appreciation Week celebration
• Student-Led Conferences (Teacher meals)
• Parent Volunteer of the Year
The PA Fund - Giving Back
With your support, the PA has been able to purchase things such as picnic tables, microphones and a musical rug for the school!

picnic table


Connect With the PA
• Questions/Comments/Concerns? Email us at
• TBS Teachers/Staff Only: Request a Need! Submit a request for something that you would like for the PA to assist with.

The Purpose of the Parents' Association
All parents are by default a part of the Parents' Association (PA).
The purpose of the PA is to engage, encourage and enrich the parents of The Burlington School (TBS) students in supporting the mission of the school by: 
  • Creating effective and relevant opportunities for service to the school;
  • Supporting the faculty, staff and parents as we work to cultivate the TBS culture, vision and guiding principles;
  • Encouraging and promoting volunteerism within and beyond the school community;
  • Establishing a forum for voicing concerns, interests, needs and ideas;
  • Promoting an environment for meaningful opportunities for all families to feel connected and included;
  • Strengthening communication via our calendar, coordinators, publications and committees; and
  • Investing in an education conduit between parents and school.
Ways to support TBS PA: 
  • Serve on the PA Leadership Committee
  • Serve as a PA committee chair
  • Volunteer to help on our various events throughout the year.
  • Provide feedback to help meet the needs of the parents, students and staff