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We Believe Every Student Belongs

Do you want to give your child a private school education, but feel you can’t afford the cost? At The Burlington School, we believe that every student should have access to a quality education, no matter his or her family’s income or size.
Our Board of Trustees is dedicated to making The Burlington School educational experience accessible to all families. Each student receives the attention and instruction they need to excel in their studies, not only academically, but also artistically, athletically, socially and emotionally.
That is why we instituted an indexed tuition system, which uses a sliding scale to determine tuition costs for each student, based on the family’s financial status.

What is Indexed Tuition?

Indexed tuition is a move away from the traditional flat-rate approach to an innovative model for determining the right tuition investment for each family based on calculated need.
How Does it Work?
For families who anticipate that investing at the top tuition rate seems beyond their reach, The Burlington School uses TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) as an objective, third-party representative to assess and analyze each family's financial situation. TADS provides TBS with a need-based tuition aid report and recommendation for how much a given family should expect to reasonaly contribute toward tuition.
How Do I Apply for Indexed Tuition?
After your student is admitted, the TADS Financial Aid Application and $55 fee can be submitted securely online at ANY financial information that families provide to TADS will be held in strict confidence and WILL NOT be shared with anyone outside of the admissions committee.
What Happens After I Submit My Information to TADS?
TBS will make indexed tuition decisions based on the TADS recommendation. In order for TADS to submith their report, the TADS application must be filled out completely (including the requested documentation) and then reviewed by TADS. After TBS receives the TADS report and the student is granted admission, the admissions committee will issue a contract for the family to sign and return with a deposit to secure your student's seat.
How Much Will it Cost to Attend TBS?
The information in our tuition chart gives an idea of the range that indexed tuition provides based on your child’s grade level.

This third party resource (TADS) does not decide whether tuition assistance will be given or how much to give; rather, TADS provides a need-based tuition aid analysis and recommendation that is unique to each family and assists TBS with the amount each family should expect to reasonably contribute towards their student's tuition.