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Middle School science
6th graders at the North Carolina Zoo
Middle School Spanish
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Global Citizenship

What does it mean to be a global citizen? Our Middle School students contemplate their place in the world in every game, conversation and keystroke.
Middle School is a time of rapid growth. At The Burlington School, we make the most of this critical period, helping each student to take ownership of his or her education. As students discover their unique talents, they are nurtured into lifelong passions. This is why we strive to keep our classes small - to allow teachers to understand their students’ interests, and to serve as mentors to them as they set goals for the future. Delving deeper into exploration, creation and reasoning, Middle School students learn to balance increasingly challenging coursework with a plethora of extracurricular activities in the arts and athletic fields.
Program Highlights
• Advisory Groups: Each Middle School student is assigned an advisory group - a team of peers and teachers committed to accountability and encouragement. Together, groups focus on enhancing study skills, developing organizational strategies and becoming more responsible in preparation for high school.
• Technology Integration: Students in grades 5-8 bring their own computers to utilize in every area of study. This technology integration helps us prepare students as 21st century learners. Measures are in place to ensure digital safety.
• WOW Week: WOW Week is a unique opportunity for Middle School students to participate in an experiential learning project that relates to their passions. This one-week alternative to traditional classroom study allows students to delve into the science of cooking, create their own films, code programs and explore other career interests.
• Foreign Language: The Burlington School’s foreign language program is an entirely immersive experience. Students begin studying Spanish language and culture early on. By Middle School, they have unique opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and beyond.
• Electives: Each Middle School student chooses two electives at the beginning of each trimester. Opportunities include performing arts classes like chorus, drama and instrumental music, as well as fine arts classes. Other electives include classes such as coding, surprise sports and STEM. It is our goal to produce well-rounded students who have been exposed to many art forms and special subjects.
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