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Students plant seeds in cups
Students and parents in the Burlington Christmas parade
Middle School students collaborate on a project
Who better to share the impact that The Burlington School can have than our students, parents and alumni! #WhyTBS
“My experience at TBS was life-changing. The people in the community and the students helped me become the person I am today. TBS taught me to smile during hard times and keep striving for what you believe in.“ - Bryan Council '19
“I love the academics, arts and athletics (AAA) philosophy of TBS. My child gets great grades, but shies away from arts and athletics. Requiring that the students participate in all three has exposed her to areas that I don't think that she would have experienced voluntarily. Now, she LOVES the arts and, because her friends must also participate, she is excited about participating in sports.“ - LaMana Donadelle
“My daughter began at TBS in fourth grade, and we immediately saw a difference in her attitude towards school. She is much more engaged in her work and honestly enjoys going to school every day. We have now been at TBS three years, and continue to be amazed by how much her teachers and the staff care about her and the way they continue to challenge her to become the best person she can be, not just in the classroom, but in life as well.“ - Michelle Rash