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When the School Day Ends...

TBS is committed to offering a safe, fun and educational extension to our academic program. For children in grades PS3-8, we provide after school hours and activities for students in academics as well as personal and social growth.
  • We are committed to the safety and well-being of our students. Instructors will be diligent in the protection and safety of all students while on and off campus.   
  • Rest, relaxation and recreational times are built into the daily schedule, as are additional coordinate programs that build self-esteem as well as team building.
  • Our staff will continually emphasize the importance of personal respect. Through modeling and interpersonal relationships, teachers will create a safe and tolerant environment where all are accepted and respected. 
Hours of Operation
Extended Day begins at dismissal and ends at 5:30 p.m. There is a five-minute grace period. Pick-up after 5:30 p.m., according to the school’s clocks, will result in a late fee. 


Extended Day is offered for in-person students only (not remote students). Enrollment is limited in each group to facilitate social distancing and is on a first-come basis. A wait list will be maintained for each group.
We request a commitment for Extended Day enrollment by trimester. This helps us determine the number of groups and leaders we must have to accommodate social distancing. Each trimester, families will be asked to register for Extended Day.  
Classes will be commingled during Extended Day. Unlike our regular school day, students from multiple classes will be combined to form Extended Day groups.
Daily Arrival Procedure
Students will be escorted to Extended Day rooms from their regular classrooms in a single-file line while observing social distancing. Each student’s temperature will be screened before entering the Extended Day room.
Daily Departure Procedure
Your child’s safety is our number one priority.  ALL STUDENTS MUST BE SIGNED OUT BEFORE THEY DEPART.
Parents may NOT enter the school building and must call the Extended Day phone number for pick up.
Persons other than parents who are authorized to pick up the child must be listed on the child’s registration form. Otherwise, written permission is required and must be verified before any child is released.  


While time for snack is part of the daily Extended Day routine, snack will NOT be provided to students. Students will need to provide their own snack and a water bottle.
Time is set aside during each day for students to work independently and with an instructor on homework. It is vital that parents discuss with the child the importance of using this time wisely. Many teachers assign homework each day, so every child will be expected to spend this time reading or working independently unless additional aid is requested. 
Extended Day billing begins at the first of the month and concludes at the end of the month. All Extended Day invoices will be automatically drafted from your bank account on the 15th of the month following the invoice date. We will draft this payment from the same bank account used for tuition payments. Please complete an automatic draft authorization form with the account you would like drafted if you pay tuition on an annual or biannual basis. Please return the completed form to the Business Office.
Rates and Fees
For the 2021-22 school year, the fee structure has been simplified to one monthly package. The fee has been designed to be as equitable and as low as possible. Please note that all fees are fixed rates that begin at sign-in. We do not charge by the hour or prorate fees. Monthly invoices will reflect all appropriate charges.
Monthly Package: $180 for the first child and $160 for the second child (monthly). This includes Early Release Days and Teacher Workdays.
  • Early Release/Half Days: December 22, May 6, May 20, May 27
  • Teacher Workdays: September 24, October 28, November 22, January 5, January 28, March 10, May 31, June 1
Extended Day will NOT be offered on holidays and extended school vacation days (example: Spring Break) during the school year. During the 2021-22 school year, Extended Day will be closed on the following holidays and extended school vacation days:
  • September 6, October 29, November 11, November 23-26, December 23-January 4, January 17, February 21, March 11, April 11-15, May 30
Late Fee: $1.00 per minute
No drop-in or single-day services will be offered during the 2021-22 school year. This is to ensure that we have sufficient staff available each day to provide appropriate group sizes in order to facilitate social distancing in our rooms.
A 15-day notice must be provided in order to withdraw from the monthly package/billing cycle.
Lost and Found
While we do our best to aid students with organization, it is important to note that we also encourage personal responsibility and accountability. As such, we are unable to guarantee responsibility for student items. Students should place their items in their book bags. Items left at the end of each day will be placed in the school’s lost and found area.
Electronic Equipment
With the exception of computers, electronic equipment, including cell phones, are not allowed in Extended Day. Middle School students may use computers during homework time. Please note that Extended Day accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged electronic equipment.  
Dress Code
All students in Extended Day must adhere to the dress code outlined in the Student Handbook during Extended Day. Exceptions are made for athletes going to or returning from games or practice and students participating in enrichments which necessitate different attire. 
Extended Day utilizes the same TBS Pledge, discipline policy and procedures as are followed in the regular school day. Extended Day instructors work in close conjunction with classroom teachers to ensure smooth transition and emotional health for all of our students. Should incidents of concern arise that cannot be alleviated by classroom/Extended Day collaboration, a parent meeting will be requested. A homework/behavior contract may be instituted to ensure the growth and development of the student. 
All incidents involving physical harm will be referred to the Dean of Students. If a student has continued difficulties adhering to Extended Day rules and standards, a meeting may be called with the Head of School to evaluate all options available, up to and including removal of the student from the program. Removal from the program for behavioral concerns does not constitute grounds for refunds of contracted monies. 
We do ask that everyone respect that Extended Day is a “safe space” for our students. To this regard, questions, concerns or grievances should be directed to the Extended Day Director, Kristin Locklear, and not directed toward staff who are otherwise occupied with students. Kristin Locklear may be reached by phone at 336-266-7670. Please leave a detailed voicemail message and all calls will be returned within 48 hours. In case of an emergency, contact the front desk immediately so that they can aid in finding the appropriate personnel to help. If you prefer to communicate via email, is the address.
Registration for the first trimester is full. To be placed on a wait list, please email Kristin Locklear at
Enrichment Opportunities
Enrichment opportunities will be presented during the 2021-22 school year. Please look for more specific information on these in The Oracle as they become available.