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A Foundation in the Arts

On the stage and in the studio, The Burlington School students experience and participate in the arts from the early years. Art and music instruction begins in preschool. Drama is added in the Lower School. By the time our students reach the Upper School, they are performing and creating at an advanced level with multiple offerings to pique their creativity and demonstrate their talents.
Our drama program focuses on presentation and acting skills, incorporating improvisation, teamwork and projection. Scene work, acting exercises and performances for school and community audiences are integrated into the curriculum, helping to build trust, self-esteem and confidence in our students. A large-scale musical production, involving students of a variety of grade levels, is produced each spring.
Choral Music
Singing begins at the preschool level with academic learning through music. Lower School students begin more formalized music lessons in singing. Basic music theory skills are introduced and lessons in stage presence, performance etiquette and enunciation are integral to the curriculum. The Middle School and Upper School offer choir as electives. These vocal ensembles study a diverse choral repertoire from around the globe which represents different time periods. Students participate in a holiday concert extravaganza as well as other performance opportunities throughout the year. 
Instrumental Music
Rhythm and learning basic music skills set the stage early on. Move into the Lower and Middle School and students are exploring music through guitar and hand chimes. Upper School students take their art to the ultimate level with an additional elective choice of rock ensemble. The performing arts groups showcase their talents with concerts held throughout the school year.
Visual Arts
Students across the divisions receive art instruction. Beginning in the Lower School, students are exposed to drawing, painting, scratchboard and sculpture. Those skills are honed in Middle School where studies in perspective, still life and portraiture are regular classroom occurrences. By Upper School, students may choose from electives in studio art, pottery and watercolor.
Middle School students have the option to take dance as one of their trimester-long electives throughout the year. Upper School students also have a year-long dance elective available to them. Throughout the year, the group will perform at TBS events, including the Veterans Day celebration, and host recitals.

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