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Discovery. Exploration. Play. 

At The Burlington School, our youngest learners thrive in an exciting and nurturing environment. Through discovery and exploration, students are prepared for kindergarten, both academically and socially. There isn’t a day without play for our preschoolers — and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Hands-On Education
Every academic lesson in our preschool is enhanced with hands-on activities. These stimulating learning experiences foster collaboration among students and make subject matter both meaningful and fun. As students are guided by passionate teachers, they learn to interact harmoniously with one another. Whenever possible, we introduce academic concepts through music, movement and interactive learning. Centers designed to develop motor skills, as well as frequent rotations of toys and books, keep students engaged.
Thematic Learning
Thematic teaching is one of the most effective ways to ensure young children grasp information. By tying different subjects together with a unified theme, students create meaningful connections and are more likely to retain details. This holistic teaching model is used in preschool, kindergarten and throughout the Lower School - not only because it makes learning fun, but because it creates a well-balanced curriculum for young minds.

Program Highlights
• Spanish language learning
• Low student-to-teacher ratio: 8.6:1
• Kinesthetic learning initiatives (movement in conjunction with academics)
• High level of individual attention for every student
Learn More Today
Interested in learning more about The Burlington School? We invite you to contact us and schedule a campus tour today. Getting on campus is the best way to experience all we have to offer your family. We look forward to seeing you!