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Start Smart: Lower School at TBS

Lower School: Kindergarten - Grade 4
At The Burlington School, Lower School students are guided down an intentional path to individualized growth goals. We recognize that no two students learn in the same way or at the same pace. With small classes, teachers have the flexibility to make individual assessments and tailor coursework to your child’s specific needs, establishing strong foundations for every student as they move through Lower, Middle and Upper School, and ultimately, on to college. The Lower School is about more than academic success - we aim for whole-child development through character education and exciting opportunities that foster leadership and teamwork. Here, friendships are made, creativity blossoms and curiosity is piqued.
Going to kindergarten is a big step for your child. During this critical year, he or she will build foundations for all future learning. The Burlington School provides a balance of academics and play, ensuring each student develops core proficiencies and discovers their unique skills and interests. In a truly nurturing environment, your child will gain a strong sense of self-confidence, while learning how to work in collaboration with others. The primary goal of our kindergarten program is to instill in every student a genuine love for learning that will carry them through Lower School, as well as their entire academic career.
Core Subject Areas
Through project-based learning and technology integration, students are trained as 21st century learners. Lower School classrooms are highly interactive across every core subject area, including:
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• English
• Spanish
• Technology
A Thematic Approach
While Lower School students explore many subject areas, they benefit from a unified teaching model: the thematic approach. This means teaching is cross-curricular - music, art and drama integrate with core academic subject areas. This model helps young learners make sense of the world around them. As they discover how disciplines are intertwined, they are educated in a way that enables them to see how knowledge provides opportunities to impact the world.
Areas of Focus
For students to be successful in the 21st century, we believe they must possess certain characteristics:
• Critical Thinking: The ability to make objective evaluations in order to reach a conclusion or solve a problem.
• Creativity: The ability to use one’s imagination to create original ideas, and to express those ideas.
• Character: The development of moral qualities and healthy behaviors that foster success not only in school, but in society.
• Collaboration: The ability to work alongside others to accomplish a task and ultimately, to reach shared goals.
• Communication: The ability to express ideas effectively, and the ability to listen, understand and relate to others.
At The Burlington School, every activity is centered on developing students who possess these skills and abilities.
Program Highlights
• Small class sizes: With an average 15.8:1 student-to-teacher ratio throughout the Lower School, every child receives individual attention on a daily basis. Your student’s talents will be fostered and personally coached in areas of weakness.
• Tailored academics: Small class sizes allow us to tailor academics to fit your child’s unique abilities. The pace of study is always set to maximize each student’s learning potential.
• Thematic approach: Our thematic approach to teaching makes learning more natural and fun. As students discover how different subjects and disciplines relate to one another, they are able to learn in a truly holistic way.
• Hands-on learning: All lessons are interactive and designed to engage young minds. Our creative teachers foster social development through team activities and fun learning centers.
• Technology integration: We prepare students as 21st century learners. Using computers, tablets and Smartboards, your child will develop technological literacy while discovering new tools for problem solving.
Discover More Today
Interested in learning more about The Burlington School? We invite you to contact us and schedule a campus tour today. Getting on campus is the best way to experience all we have to offer your family. We look forward to seeing you!