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Students visit Zion National Park in Utah
Students traveled to Austin, Texas
E-mersion Trip to Chicago
WOW Week photography student takes a picture of a fashion student
Students visit Asheville, N.C.

Our Students Experience the World Around Them!

At The Burlington School, we truly believe in learning by experiences. We put that into action with our fall class trips and spring WOW Week and Emersion Term experiences.
As a way for classes to bond, our Middle and Upper School students spend a week early in the year on class trips.
For our Middle School students, those experiences have included enjoying outdoor adventures at Camp Weaver, Haw River State Park, the Jeff and Betsy Penn 4H Center and the Mountain Trail Outdoor School.
Our Upper School students have recently trekked to New Orleans where they performed service projects and took in the culture of the city, taken college tours and studied history in Philadelphia and gone ziplining in the rain forest of Puerto Rico.
Late in the spring, our signature WOW Week (grades 5-7) and Emersion Term (grades 8-12) programs present classes from beyond the school's usual curriculum. Students engage in experiential learning through travel, project-based learning and hands-on activities in offerings ranging from backpacking to movie-making to carpentry. The biggest difference between the two programs is that our Upper School students are offered the opportunity to travel far and wide, while our Middle School students remain in the area.
Our Middle School students have recently enjoyed WOW Week experiences by building escape rooms, learning about fashion and photography.
Recent Emersion adventures have taken our students hiking in the American Southwest; visiting the sites in Austin, Texas and visiting art museums and taking in a Cubs game in Chicago, Ill. Other options have included STEM, baking and fishing.
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