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2014-20 Strategic Plan

In support of The Burlington School’s mission, the school’s Board of Trustees has defined and approved the core elements of TBS’ strategic plan – those supporting pillars so vitally important and precisely define and guide the school’s future efforts and direction. The Strategic Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees annually reviews the strategic plan for completeness in order to assess and ensure the effectiveness of its application.
Each year, the school’s leadership meets, assesses and develops annual objectives – objectives that are always in support of the Strategic Plan. During this planning period, the leadership assigns personal responsibility and commits necessary resources for their accomplishment. These objectives are published for the benefit of all TBS constituents. Throughout the year, and by year-end, the leadership will track performance against objectives to help ensure timely completion.
While the core elements are expected to remain constant for the duration of this strategic plan, as a living document the objectives may morph and change as circumstances dictate. Following are the pillars of the strategic plan coupled with objectives intended to focus our work for the next six years. While the objectives are not ranked according to importance, they are listed with sensitivity to completion dates, from shortest time horizons to longest. 
  I - Ensure Academic Excellence
 II - Cultivate the TBS Experience–Life in Community
III - Develop and Execute a Master Campus Plan
IV - Secure Financial Stability and Institutional Sustainability 
I - Ensure Academic Excellence
• Establish TBS as a national leader in 21st-Century Pre-K thru 12 independent school education using differentiated, rigorous and innovative instructional approaches, curriculum and technology.
• Develop partnerships with area businesses, universities and organizations to provide service learning opportunities and internships.
• Promote National and Global Citizenship.
• Establish a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of the school’s program.
• Grow learning opportunities through enhanced relationships with regional institutions and organizations to complement both the internal curriculum and the TBS Experience.
• Invest in faculty and staff in order to hire and retain the best in field.
• Establish clear expectations for professional development and drive the professional development line item in the budget to at least 1% of net tuition revenue.
II - Cultivate the TBS Experience – Life in Community
• Maintain at TBS’s core the TBS Pledge and the Portrait of a TBS Graduate.
• Develop the Parents’ Association to optimize communication and parent involvement in the school community.
• Establish a robust student life program that nurtures and develops the whole child to be today’s engaged student and tomorrow’s effective leader.
• Develop an extensive and all-inclusive service learning program designed to foster altruism and promote servant leadership.
• Expand and fulfill a robust international student exchange program.
• Foster high levels of participation and maintain a strong sense of belonging and ownership of the school among TBS constituents.
• Foster a community where all members can safely learn and grow – shaped by genuine respect for individual differences and valuing inclusivity, equity and compassion.
III - Develop and Execute a Master Campus Plan
• Secure our future campus site within the 2014-15 academic year.
• Develop a campus master plan that supports TBS' academic, arts, athletic and co-curricular programming needs – considering current needs and projecting decades into the future.
• Design facilities that support the integration of science, math, the arts and humanities to promote collaborative teaching and learning.
• Demonstrate our commitment to an environmentally sustainable world while ensuring that the campus, its structures and operational practices are maintainable.
• Endow the cost of upkeep for all new facilities.
IV - Secure Financial Stability and Institutional Sustainability
• Create succession plans for key leadership positions.
• Cultivate strong board leadership through annual, formal training opportunities.
• Launch a major community-wide capital campaign to fund the priorities of the strategic plan and its corresponding annual objectives.
• Optimize/Increase enrollment to 360.
• Build the endowment.
• Instill a culture of giving within all parts of the TBS community.