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Head of School Ronnie WallWelcome to The Burlington School, where our emphasis is always centered around our students’ successes in academics, arts and athletics.
The Burlington School is a place where students are engaged in learning and teachers enjoy leading their students to increase their knowledge; where students build relationships and develop skills that allow them to grow and flourish as individuals and as scholars; where students reach their full potential in a safe environment for curiosity, exploration, discovery and achievement. 
Our program begins at age three and encourages young learners to be independent, confident individuals with a spirit for learning, friendship and community. Our younger students confidently use the Promethian boards in each of the classrooms and actively learn through play. Middle and Upper School students engage daily in meaningful classroom conversation with peers and faculty through Harkness Method teaching and learning. Throughout the divisions, there is learning through practical application of content in unique project-based learning opportunities. 
Small class sizes provide an environment in which students may deeply explore areas of interest and their individual capacity for growth. What’s more, at TBS learning happens both in and outside the classroom with annual class trips built into our academic calendar. These trips have taken Middle and Upper School students to the coast of North Carolina, historical sites in New England and the shores of Costa Rica. 
At The Burlington School, learning about hard work and being part of a team comes alive on the court and playing field just as often as in the classroom. Our student-athletes weave acquired traits like courage, commitment and respect into their academic experience as an added benefit of our state championship-caliber athletic program. 
I invite you to come discover what it means to be a part of the Spartan family. Whether a scholar, artist or athlete, TBS has something for everyone. The best way to get to know us is to visit – meet our students, meet our faculty and see what makes The Burlington School a fun and engaging place to learn and live. 
Ronnie K. Wall 
Head of School