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Return to School 2021-22


This site serves as a home for information on the start of the 2021-22 school year at The Burlington School.

If you are looking to enroll, our admissions office is available for you! Please email or call 336-422-6873 for more information or to apply.
TBS deeply values the health and safety of our students, families, faculty and staff. We are regularly monitoring updates from a variety of organizations, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. We continue to communicate with the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools regarding best practices for preparedness and response plans.
April 27, 2021
Dear TBS Families, 

We are pleased to announce our plans for the next school year. Please keep in mind that the ongoing changing circumstances regarding COVID means that these plans could be altered. We will continue to monitor the pandemic conditions and follow the recommendations of the CDC and NCDHHS as well as the local Health Department. Our intent as of now is the following:

Arrival and dismissal procedures will remain largely the same as the 2020-2021 school year; however, there will be no temperature checks or screening questions. Students may begin arriving as early as 7:30 a.m. and will report directly to their classroom or advisory.
Students five years and older and all staff will continue to wear masks and be at least 3-feet apart at all times and 6-feet apart when masks are off for eating. Students younger than five will not be required to wear masks. We will continue to use Plexiglass dividers at student tables in PS3 and PS4.
The school will operate on a 5-day Rotation Schedule and students may have classes in other buildings as needed.
Parents and non-essential visitors will not be permitted in the building. There will also be no outside vendors permitted to deliver lunch with the exception of My Hot Lunchbox.
Extended Day will be open to PS3-8th grade students from dismissal until 5:30 p.m.
In addition to these school-wide policies, please read below for some additional division-specific details.
Lower School:
All students will return to in-person learning.  No remote instruction will be offered.   In the case of a mandatory quarantine due to COVID-related illness, learning accommodations will be made.  This may include a pre-printed work packet or access to classroom materials in Google Classroom. No recorded lessons will be provided.
Students will maintain social distancing of 3 feet during instruction. Classroom furniture will be arranged to accommodate social distancing. 
The playground will be open to one class at a time. Students will travel to the music room for music class, the gym for Healthful Living and the library for Library class. All other specials classes will be conducted in the regular classroom. 
Middle School:
There will be no remote learning option. In the case of a mandatory quarantine due to COVID-related illness, learning accommodations will be made. This may include a make-up work packet or access to classroom materials in Google Classroom. 

Arrival and dismissal procedures will continue to have students report to their advisory in the morning and again for dismissal in the afternoon.

The following protocols will be followed to accommodate the 3-feet distance:
  • There will be no lockers/hooks used, but instead each student will have a crate in their advisory classroom for storage.
  • Students will be able to mix classes but will rotate like traffic in the hallway (directional arrows and dividers).
  • There will be no dressing out in the locker rooms.
  • We will maintain single-occupancy restrooms.
  • Middle school students will be able to participate in athletics.

Upper School:
All students will return to full in-person attendance. There will be no remote learning option. In the case of a mandatory quarantine due to COVID-related illness, learning accommodations will be made. This may include a make-up work packet or access to classroom materials in Google Classroom. 

There will be two lunch sections to maintain the 6-feet distance, and there will be some classes that will need to move classrooms to accommodate the 3-feet distance.

We will maintain single-occupancy restrooms.

Athletic teams will no longer have to be in a "bubble," and we will continue to adhere to NCISAA regulations and CDC guidelines.

Community service and athletic requirements will remain in place with allowances for safety precautions.

Thank you so much for your support as we navigate this difficult time. We will continue to communicate any changes to our plan based on recommendations from the CDC and NCDHHS.  Please contact your Academic Dean if you have further questions.

Ronnie Wall, Head of School
The Academic Team
June 10, 2021
Dear Parents,
Thank you once again for all of your support and flexibility this year. As we head into summer and reflect on this year, we are all proud of what we accomplished despite the extenuating circumstances. It has been a true team effort, and we are thankful for such a wonderful and supportive community surrounding us at The Burlington School.
As our Leadership Team heads into our summer planning, we will be closely following the announcements of the North Carolina governor, the CDC and the NCDHHS. We will use all guidance to form the details and logistics for this fall at TBS. While we have already released our intentions for next school year, we are well aware that a lot can change in two months. With that said, we plan to release an update with more details for next year in mid-July.
Until then, please feel free to review any updates and fall plans thus far by clicking on our  “Return 2021-22” tab. The “Return 2021-22” page can also be found on the main TBS website. All paperwork, supply lists, dress code, summer reading lists and other important return-to-school information can be found at this link as well.
We hope that you take the summer to rest and recharge, and while we look forward to another great school year in 2021-2022, happy summer for now!
Ronnie K. Wall, Head of School
Academic Team