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If you have questions about auditioning, we have answers!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to attend both days of auditions? 
No, you only have to show up to one day of auditions.
What should I be prepared to do? 
All students should be prepared to sing, dance, act and read from a script. 
Do I have to be in Drama Club? 
Upper School students must be in Drama Class or Drama Club to audition. Students in grades 3-8 do not have any requirements to audition.
What does the audition process look like?
Students who are auditioning will be split up into groups and will rotate between dance, script reading and singing auditions. Almost everyone finds this process less stressful and more fun. 
1. Bring your parents to the first half hour of auditions. They should know the commitment you are making.
2. Bring a calendar of events to compare to the show schedule. You will need to list any family trips, after school lessons and other activities that might occur during rehearsals.
3. Prepare to sing a song at auditions. You may sing a song from past shows or any song we have worked on in drama club. You may choose to sing your own music but it is recommended that you bring an accompaniment tape or sheet music. It is not a great idea to try to sing a song without accompaniment music. However, if the alternative is not auditioning at all, sing “Happy Birthday” or something. 
4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the dance portion of the auditions. 
5. Visit the drama webpage for our school by following the link under “Drama” on the “Arts” page on the TBS website (you made it here!).
6. PLEASE call Bethany Baker with any questions or concerns about auditions or the play at 336-263-7340.
7.  Break a Leg!