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Parents’ Association

The Burlington School Parents' Association

A group of parents dedicated to the engagement, encouragement and enrichment of the parents of The Burlington School.

The purpose of the Parents’ Association shall be to engage, encourage, and enrich the parents of The Burlington School (hereinafter sometimes referred to as TBS) students in supporting the mission of the School by: 

  • Creating effective and relevant opportunities for service to the School;
  • Supporting the faculty, staff, and parents as we work to cultivate the TBS culture, vision and guiding principles;
  • Encouraging and promoting volunteerism within and beyond the school community;
  • Establishing a forum for voicing concerns, interest, needs and ideas;
  • Promoting an environment for meaningful opportunities for all families to feel connected and included;
  • Meeting the needs of the TBS constituents in an proactive manner;
  • Strengthening communication via our calendar, coordinators, publications and committees;and
  • Investing in an education conduit between parents and school

As a parent at TBS you will see a commitment to: 

  • Excellence in education;
  • Nurturing each child as an individual;
  • Dynamic arts programs;
  • Intellectual discipline, freedom and flexibility;
  • Athletic programs to develop and nurture the physical needs of our children, along with lessons in sportsmanship and team participation;
  • Recognizing and celebrating the success of all students;
  • Shaping students to be caring, actively engaged, ethical citizens of the world; and
  • Communication with families and the broader community.

Ways to Support TBS: 

  • Volunteer afterschool hours in the Maude Powell Sharpe Library
  • Assist with special school events
  • Assist Development office with fundraising activities
  • Support our teachers by donating to the Faculty Enrichment fund

Questions? Contact the PA at 

President                  Jenny Blythe E-mail
President Elect         Alisha Voorhis E-mail
Vice President          TBD
Secretary                 Linsey Guyette E-mail
Treasurer                 TBD
Communications      Tina Rosencrans E-mail