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The Burlington School Drama Program has a successful history of amazing performances by our incredibly talented students. All levels of drama are taught by Bethany Baker.

Drama classes focus on developing presentation and acting skills (acting in the moment, projection, improvisation, self-esteem, and teamwork) by building mutual trust and confidence  through improvisation, scene work, acting exercises, and performing polished pieces for school audiences. The Burlington School also has a proud tradition of tying themes of our plays into our curriculum. For example, 2016's Mulan, Jr. carried themes of perseverance and leadership, which are two our of pledge themes. Those themes are weaved into Spartan education all year long to create more connections between subjects so that our students can have a more cohesive educational experience. 

Lower School
Starting in Transitional Kindergarten, our lower school students regularly have drama class. In these early years, they develop important skills like listening, cooperating with the group, following directions, paying attention, focusing on activities, and the art of pretending. Through drama, students start to develop their own sense of confidence, self esteem, and trust in their peers.  
As students progress through the lower school, new skills are added. Starting in first and second grade, they learn to follow artistic direction in the context of the stage, and develop presentation and performance skills. By fourth grade, our students are telling stories, writing their own scenes, and acting out complex scenes with confidence.
Middle School
Middle School drama classes expand upon the lessons learned in lower school. They strengthen their ability to follow artistic direction in the context of the stage and further develop their presentation and performance skills. Trust, respect, and support among peers are nurtured to build confidence in performance situations through games and scenes.
Upper School

In Upper School, drama can be taken as an elective that meets one of the fine arts requirements for graduation.

Drama/Acting Class focuses on further developing presentation and acting skills such as projection, improvisation, and teamwork by building mutual trust and confidence through scene work, acting exercises, and performing polished pieces for audiences. Students analyze and perform great works of theatre to then model and write original works. They explore and practice techniques developed by Stanislavski, Meisner, and Viola Spolin. Students who have taken multiple years of drama have opportunities to direct and produce works.

All students in grades 3-8 are eligible to audition for the play. Upper School students must be in drama class or drama club to audition. Students who do take drama are expected to participate in at least one play. There are opportunities on stage and behind the scenes which students can choose based on their individual talents and interests. Mrs. Baker creates a nurturing atmosphere of trust and respect among all participants as students set individual goals from building self-confidence in expressing themselves effectively in front of others to developing skills for future opportunities in the performing arts.