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Kim Black, aka Miss Kim, comes to TBS following a long career of dancing and teaching dance. She has taught in Alamance County for 31 years and continues to teach 16 dance classes every week at the Burlington Dance Center. She is excited to lead our youngest Spartans (PS3-3rd) in HL/Creative Movement as well as teach a Dance Exploratory elective for middle school.  Discount Dance Supply named Miss Kim "Dance Teacher of the Year" this past May.  Miss Kim has created two children's creative movement and dance DVDS "Move With Miss Kim" and "Dance With Miss Kim" that features some of our youngest Spartans.  Miss Kim also wrote the children’s book, “The Friend Garden” last year.  She also enjoys being a contributing writer for Dance Teacher and Dance Studio Life magazines. She frequently speaks at Child Care seminars and workshops throughout the Southeast sharing her knowledge of creative movement and its positive impact on children. She is proud to have recieved her "Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Certification" this August to teach dance and creative movement to special needs children.  Please read my blog posts: 


Recent Posts

Pin It Forward

Elizabeth Davis was one of the 4 dancers out of 200+ to recieve a "Pin it Forward" award. This is her along with the other TBS dancers presenting the other half to another dancer that they felt deserved it. This is awarded to the dancers that are helpful, respectful, and demonstrate leadership during camp.

TBS Dancers at UDA Camp at UVA

This summer we reached a goal and attended UDA camp at UVA. Here are our TBS Dancers learning their first dance/performance routine.

No Cutting Corners!

My best rule follower of the week award goes to this awesome PS4 student Reese. I told all of my HL students they should never cut corners and Reese took this very seriously!

Dancers, here is a chance to win $1,000!

Ok is a chance to win $1,000. I have purchased their dancewear before that is how I found out about it. I emailed the company to ask more about it and here is their response. It is a random drawing.

Thank you for your message and interest in our Performing Arts Scholarship! Every year, Eurotard will select 13 winners to receive a cash prize with the grand prize being $1,000! The young performers may use their scholarship winnings really towards anything. :) Class tuition, dancewear, travel, competitions, etc! Anything they need to help pursue their performing arts dreams! This scholarship is available to performers ages 12-22, domestic and international. Below is a link that you may share with your dancers and parents so they may apply online!

 What an awesome first class we had today.  We worked on Jose Limon technique of fall and recovery.  I was impressed by how the dancers used their inhalation and exhalation to enhance their movements.  We worked on flexibility and ended the class by starting a lyrical dance.  Wonderful work today ladies!

Dance Exploratory

Dance Exploratory Elective starts Friday, August 25th.
Dance attire: Shorts and t-shirt or Leggings/Yoga pants and t-shirt. Hair back away from face.  No shoes needed.  Bring socks.
I am so excited to start this class at TBS!

Welcome Back!  This first week in K & TK we are learning the routine of HL.  Students have learned their HL rules:
1.  Be safe!
2.  Take care of school property!
3.  Have fun!
We are learning "buddy runs" where the kids take turns with a partner running a lap around the gym.  We are also learning our stretches, sit ups, pushups, burpees (cheeseburger french fry!), and jumping jacks.  We are playing "money ball" which works on catching skills.  Practicing good sportsmanship has also been with grace and lose with dignity.  These are words we will say all year long as we work together as a team and be the best we can be!

Shoes for HL/Creative Movement

 Please make sure your child has tennis shoes on HL days!  We run, jump, hop, and skip on these days and I want them to be safe with proper shoes.  They are welcome to bring them in their bookbag and change into them before class.