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Music in Lower School

At The Burlington School, we start teaching music in Preschool! 
Our lower school students have music built in to their rotation. They learn the basics of music and perform with the entire school during our fall concert. Fredda Payne teaches music to all of our youngest Spartans.
More specifically, starting in PS3 students learn the use of the elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, tone color, and style. Each component is taught at a developmentally appropriate level, and they are expanded upon as our students grow. In preschool and kindergarten, dance and movement are a big part of the curriculum to build a platform from which students can understand rhythm. Usually beginning in second grade, students are introduced to music history and study several composers. At that age, they also begin to read rhythms and music notations.  
Ultimately, we encourage music because singing in a group and alone builds confidence not only in music class, but in all other areas of students' lives. 
When students enter Middle School in 5th grade, they have the option to pursue either instrumental music or choir.