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Middle School
In Middle School, our students have the choice of if they'd like to pursue music further by choosing chorus as an elective. They can participate in one or all of the trimesters. Here, the students practice singing from sheet music and further develop their voice control. These students have the opportunity to audition and travel with the Upper School choir.
The Middle School Chorus is directed by Marshall M. Qualls.
Upper School
In Upper School, chorus is an elective. Our Upper School Choral Ensemble enjoys a rich and outstanding reputation. Students are encouraged to join regardless of their skill level. Students are expected to sing in duets, trios, and quartets, and have opportunities for solo singing experiences. 
The Upper School Chorus is directed by Marshall M. Qualls.
Both levels of the class focuses on ear training, sight singing, correct use of diction, phrasing, breath control, and intonation, as well as creating and analyzing music. These skills are first taught in Middle School and are expanded upon in Upper School. Students also practice public performance skills, social etiquette, and public speaking.