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Mrs. Acton has taught at TBS since 2012 during which time she was awarded Teacher of the Year (you can read more about it here) while teaching upper school science. She received an M. Ed. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Texas at Austin after receiving degrees in biochemistry and nutrition. Prior to joining the TBS family, Mrs. Acton taught in the sciences in the secondary and college levels, and she conducted research in nutrition and biochemistry. She also has years of experience as a fitness director and nutrition/fitness consultant. Currently, Mrs. Acton has her three lovely children enrolled at TBS and is married to Pastor Jeromy Acton. 

Recent Posts

AP Bio students Kailey Solomon, Cecilia Marmolejo, Caleb Pickettand Camrin Kussin prepare to run a three day transpiration lab on plants in various environments:  high humidity, high wind and normal wind and humidity.  Transpiration rates will be calculated and compared.