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College Counseling

The Class of 2018 contained 31 seniors, who collectively received 
80 university and college acceptances and earned $3.7 million in offered scholarships.
Among them are:
1 Morehead-Cain Scholar • 1 AJ Drexel Scholar • A DAR Good Citizen Award recipient • 7 National Honor Society members • 2 ROTC Scholars • 1 Division I athlete • 2 Division II athletes • 5 State-Champion basketball players • 6 All-State athletes • 2 All-State basketball players • 3 Times-News Regional Basketball players • 18 All-Conference athletes

College Counseling at The Burlington School

The Burlington School is a college preparatory school, meaning we educate with intent to prepare every student for success in higher education. Our philosophy is that it’s never too early to start preparing for college. From setting high behavior standards and participating in service activities, to saving money and considering various career paths, students at The Burlington School are forward-thinking individuals who are energized by the opportunities that await them upon graduation.

The College Counseling Center

Our College Counseling Center is a valuable resource for students and families alike. Our knowledgeable counselor provides regular guidance to students in our high school, equipping them for the college search, admissions process, and beyond. Finding the right college fit is extremely important, but often requires a great deal of time and support. In addition to advocating for our students, we empower them to take their future into their own hands, considering the myriad of opportunities available.


Grade-By-Grade Support


Pre High School: Students are challenged to maintain high academic performance, especially across core subject areas such as English, math, science, and history. Exploring various interests through extracurricular activities is also important. Students and their families are encouraged to start a college savings plan as early as possible.


9th Grade:

The beginning of high school is a great time to delve into academic areas of interest, extracurricular activities, and community service. Students should start thinking about advanced courses that may help them become more competitive in college admissions. In the spring, they will take the ACT Aspire test.


10th Grade:

Standardized tests for college admission such as the SAT and ACT are right around the corner, so signing up for practice exams is encouraged. Students should focus tightly on maintaining high academic marks, and create a list of colleges and career paths that interest them. This year, students will begin regular test prep at school and will take the PSAT in the fall.


11th Grade:

College prep is now in high gear. Students will partake in college tours during the fall class trip, draft essays to practice for college applications, participate in workshops within advisory periods, and start narrowing down their list of college options. All 11th-grade students will attend the Alamance County Schools College Fair and will learn about how to conduct their own college search. They will continue with regular test prep and school and take the PSAT again in the fall.


12th Grade:

Before the school year even begins, students will have workdays to start their applications with the assistance of our Director of College Counseling, Ashley Pearson. Between individual meetings, workshops, and parent programming, seniors and their families will be set with the tools they need to complete the process. It’s the end of one journey and the beginning of another!


Learn More about The Burlington School

Our college prep emphasis affects how we teach, mentor, and encourage students, giving them the tools and knowledge to be future-minded from an early age. If you’d like to learn more about our unique learning environment, request more information today.