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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

Our students strive for academic excellence and much, much more.

What makes being a part of the National Honor Society so special at The Burlington School?  The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. Its national constitution and rules of governance establish strict obligations for student membership.  More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

It just so happens that many of the qualities we desire in our Upper School students (see below) align quite well with the fundamental principles of NHS.  At The Burlington School, from the moment they are offered acceptance to TBS to the moment they graduate, our students are discovering, building and becoming the embodiment of precisely what makes the ideal NHS candidate.


  •  embraces leadership and leads by example
  •  exceeds national standards in reading, writing, computation, speaking and critical thinking
  •  understands, appreciates and applies visual and performing arts beyond the classroom
  •  demonstrates an eagerness to serve and an attitude of gratitude, humility, and generosity
  •  exhibits multi-cultural fluency and open-mindedness, particularly regarding the values and traditions of others
  •  works well as a member of a team assuming responsibilities appropriate to shared goals
  •  views setbacks as opportunities to learn
  •  communicates effectively to a variety of audiences, listens actively, facilitates discussions, forges consensus and works collaboratively
  •  understands their value as an individual and the impact they will have on the world
  •  perseveres through academic adversity and takes intellectual risks as an independent learner
  •  discerns and utilizes reliable and sound information through relevant technologies
  •  views problems from different perspectives and imagines creative solutions as an analytical, ethical and creative problem solver
  •  understands essential skills that assist in sound financial decision making
  •  demonstrates a healthy understanding of self
  •  seeks support as a respectful self-advocate
  •  comprehends and can converse about political, environmental and global issues
  •  exhibits courage in advocating for the common good
  •  understands and accepts the unique attributes and strengths of others
  •  embodies the values and traditions of The Burlington School


If you have questions about The National Honor Society and The Burlington School chapter, please contact Dr. Jacques Fasan, NHS Faculty Advisor, at