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"10 STARS!! We LOVE this school!! Rylen (PS 3) can't wait to go to school, doesn't want to leave at the end of the day, and is upset when school is out!! Makes me happy to see her happy! I enjoy hearing all of her wonderful stories about what she did during the day, and the excitement she expresses when telling me! I am thrilled that not only does she get an education, she is experiencing a very broad education at a young age! (I.e Library, Music, Spanish, Science Lab, and Healthy Living) All of that at the young age of 3 is AMAZING!!"
- Pam Rosencrans
"Our daughter experienced a most wonderful third grade year! TBS provides a broad spectrum of learning opportunities and a balanced curriculum that includes science, the arts and community service projects. Nice to leave our child with creative, caring people who value her for who she is and wants to be.
- Suzanne Lyon Hunt
"I have my second daughter there. The real difference is revealed in their ability to teach more than what's necessary to pass standardized tests... The students develop a desire to learn that will carry them much further than 12th grade! Some say private school doesn't prepare students for the real world... I say well that depends on the world you want them to be a part of...."
- Deedee Vinson Thomas