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Indexed Tuition Program

We Believe Every Student Belongs


Want to give your child a private school education but feel you can’t afford the cost? At The Burlington School, we believe that every student should have access to quality education, no matter his or her family’s income or size.

That’s why we instituted an indexed tuition system, which uses a sliding scale to determine tuition costs for each student based on the family’s financial status.

Our Board of Trustees is dedicated to making The Burlington School education experience accessible to all families. Each student receives the attention and instruction they need to excel in their studies, not only academically, but also artistically, athletically, socially, and emotionally as well.


The Perfect Fit for Your Family

We use Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) as an objective, third-party representative to determine the right tuition amount for all of our families, regardless of the number of children applying per family. It provides us with a report that recommends how much a given family can reasonably contribute toward tuition costs. This ensures that no matter your family’s circumstance, we can set up a unique tuition payment plan that works for you!

Indexed Tuition At a Glance

The chart below helps give you an idea of what indexed tuition looks like based on your child’s grade level and your family’s income.

New 2019-20 Annual Tuition Ranges

Grade Level Minimum Maximum
PS3 $5,000 $7,950
PS4 $5,000 $8,950
TK $5,000 $9,950
Kindergarten $5,100 $10,950
1st Grade $5,100 $12,500
2nd Grade $5,100 $12,500
3rd Grade $5,100 $12,500
4th Grade $5,100 $12,500
5th Grade $5,200 $13,000
6th Grade $5,200 $13,000
7th Grade $5,200 $13,000
8th Grade $5,200 $13,000
9th Grade $5,500 $13,750
10th Grade $5,500 $13,750
11th Grade $5,500 $13,750
12th Grade $5,500 $13,750


The More, The Merrier: Multiple-Child Discount 

Because private school tuition can be costly for one child, let alone multiple children in the same family, multi-child discounts are available if you qualify. Using the Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) Process within the Indexed Tuition Program, TADS will determine if more discounts are available for multi-child families.

The Indexed Tuition Application Process

To determine your place on the scale, please complete the TADS Financial Aid Application form. Please note that there is a $34 fee to complete the form.

In addition to completing the form, please also submit your most recent IRS form 1040 to Your information will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Indexed Tuition Committee. 

We cannot make an indexed tuition decision until an application via TADS is complete and on file.  Notification decisions will be made as TADS submits reports to the Admissions Office.

Once we have their report*, we will issue a contract for you to sign and return with a deposit to secure your child(ren)’s seat(s).  If for some reason we are unable to agree on the tuition investment number, we will gladly refund your deposit.

* This third party resource does not decide whether tuition assistance will be given or how much to give; rather TADS provides a need-based tuition aid analysis. Inquiries concerning tuition aid should be directed to or Head of School.



To pay tuition online, click here.