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The Burlington School Pledge

As a member of The Burlington School, each student, staff and faculty member signs this pledge. It represents the core values our school is determined to live by, as well as the emphasis our students place on personal accountability and integrity in student life.


I will:

•Exhibit Friendship by being kind and considerate.

This means living in a state of mutual trust, acceptance, and support with others in the community.

•Demonstrate Leadership by always doing my best as an individual and as a part of a team.

 This involves taking responsibility for myself and the success or failure of my group, and constantly making myself and my group accountable for improving the community.

•Embrace Citizenship by being responsible for my actions.

This includes fulfilling my obligations as part of a local, national, and global community, such as volunteering my ideas and time, giving more than I take, and sacrificing for the common good.

•Show Empathy by humbly respecting the uniqueness and gifts of others.

This includes demonstrating the ability to understand others who are different from myself and to see situations from different perspectives. 

•Live with Integrity by being honest and truthful.

This includes not lying, cheating, or stealing, but rather being upright and moral in my decision-making because it’s the right thing to do, not because of a fear of judgment.

•Honor Perseverance by recognizing that great effort is necessary in any worthy task.

This includes displaying confidence in my ideas, following through on my commitments, standing up for what I believe in, and viewing failure as a chance to learn. 

•Be Passionate by celebrating the joyful, beautiful and enduring.

This includes experimenting with many pursuits to find my passion(s), engaging in it until I am the best I can be, and striving to reach my full potential.

•Strive for Intellectual Excellence by pursuing scholarship and exploring my curiosities.
This includes learning broadly for the sake of knowing rather than grades while finding and expanding the boundaries of my knowledge.

I agree to live by this pledge and to help others do the same.