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Growing Together Annual Auction and Dinner 2018

We invite you to join us on Friday, March 23, 2018, for The Burlington School’s (TBS) Spring Auction and Dinner. This annual event, entitled “Growing Together,” is a celebration of the exceptional faculty and remarkable programming made available to all TBS students. 


1. Go to our auction website and purchase your Auction and Dinner ticket (click here)

2. Buy and help sell raffle tickets-- the PRIZE is AWESOME!

3. SPONSOR the event or DONATE an item to raffle

4. Show up and HAVE FUN!!



For more information on the history of our auction and dinner see below:

“Growing Together” has enabled TBS to grow in many ways over the years. The entire school community has pulled together during this fundraiser, which has allowed TBS to secure a bus for transporting students on academic field trips and to athletic team competitions. Furthermore, the school refurbished the library from funds generated through this opportunity. The library is now an exceptional learning environment with a computer lab and makerspace. Through the addition of the makerspace, TBS now has a specific location dedicated to thinking outside the box and problem-solving. Through the support of “Growing Together,” TBS has also upgraded its technology by providing laptops for faculty and updating the computer lab. 

As TBS continues to grow, we recognize this year’s Fund-A-Need is more important than ever. With increasing enrollment and a focus on technology, the school must secure funding for the following improvements: 

• Secure additional projectors, smart boards, and technology programming, as the school is committed to preparing students for the future. 

• Outfit a kindergarten classroom for increased enrollment at this grade level. 

• Furnish the new Upper School building with a new phone system, security hardware, seating and café tables. 

Through sponsorships, individual ticket purchases, and item or monetary donations, YOU can help to provide outstanding educational opportunities for all students at TBS. The school continues its quest to foster the development of all students and teach them to become lifelong learners that strive to make our world a better place. We hope you will participate in “Growing Together” because, with your assistance, TBS will successfully fulfill its mission and provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students. 

We are grateful for your support of TBS and look forward to seeing you on Friday, March 23, at “Growing Together.”

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