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Cast List Announced for fall play, No Place Like Nowhere


CAST - No Place Like NOWHERE


1st Rehearsal for Entire Cast -  Saturday, August 26th, 9:00-12:00

Bring a pencil and highlighter!

Mr. Hunt


John Stanfill

Ms. Chase


Amelia Arcaro-Burbridge

Boss/Paparazzi/Citizen #11


Josh Leiser

Boss’s Boss/Paparazzi/Citizen #12


Lelia Wilson

Lola Lollabridgida


Olivia Martin

Max Von Hedron


Lucas Otto-Britez



Maddie Reece

Anita Carr


Ellie Richardson

Donita Carr


Nora Mansfield

Bubba Gass


Jack Barnett Mould

Ray Don Gass


Wyatt Byrd



Olivia Young

Rusty Ford


Ryan Krasinski

Cranston Snord/Paparazzi/Citizen #13


Bennett Gould

Gerry Mander/Paparazzi/Citizen #14


Remy Averitt

Paparazzi/Citizen #1


London Glasgow

Paparazzi/Citizen #2


Emily Leiser

Paparazzi/Citizen #3


Hannah Krasinski

Paparazzi/Citizen #4


Liza Self

Civilian/Paparazzi/Citizen #5


Molly Partin

Paparazzi/Citizen #6


Drew Zeigler

Paparazzi/Citizen #7


Kierstin Sechrist

Paparazzi/Citizen #8


Savannah Martin

Paparazzi/Citizen #9


Arden Eggar

Paparazzi/Citizen #10


Samira Namaste

Paparazzi/Citizen #11


Cheyenne Allred