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TBS Celebrates the Solar Eclipse

The Burlington School officially kicked off the 2017-2018 school year on Monday, August 21. As part of our back to school celebrations, TBS students were able to participate in the viewing of the total solar eclipse. The lower and middle school viewed from the Greenwood Terrace campus and the Upper School from the Davis Street campus.

With the solar eclipse looming on Monday, teachers decided to make the most of the rare astronomical event and themed their lesson plans accordingly. They had middle school students acting out what exactly happens during a total solar eclipse, there was safety instruction on protecting themselves, and a deeper historical look at the previous total solar eclipses.  

The Upper School students participated in a Global Observation activity from NASA where they used an app to test the temperature before the eclipse occurred. All of these experiences were in an effort to enhance learning for our students. Jenny Sabin, Academic Dean at TBS stated, “What an incredible once and a lifetime opportunity to celebrate our first day of school with a total solar eclipse. Our students got to physically experience something and then turn that experience into lifelong knowledge. This is something that they will remember for the rest of their lives because they lived it, which is the heart of our mission on experimental learning.”

You could hear loud cheers and claps as the temperature got a little cooler and the light got a little dimmer. “We know that this first day of school our students will never forget and will talk about for years and years to come!” Sabin stated.