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AAA Award Winners

Each trimester, we recognize students who are performing exceptionally well in academics, arts, or athletics. Typically, each sports team recognizes two athletes, each category of arts recognizes two students, and students who attain honors or high honors are recognized.
This trimester, a much larger number of students attained both honors and high honors as compared to the first trimester. To achieve honors, students must have an average of at least 93% in the 5 core classes. They must also have an average of 90% in their elective classes. To achieve high honors, students must have an average of at least 96% in the 5 core classes. They must also have an average of 93% in their elective classes. 
Middle School art student award winners were picked by their teacher for either outstanding performance or improvement. Upper School art students were recognized based on their recognition or performance in art shows. The Upper School students will receive outstanding performance or improvement awards at the end of the year because their electives last for the entire year whereas Middle School students have the option to change elective every trimester. 
Athletic awards were presented based on the athlete's coach. Student athletes were awarded based on outstanding performance, improvement, or leadership.
The photos include all award winners at the Middle and Upper School levels. Our Facebook page has photos of each group of award winners.