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Middle School Coding Club Off to Good Start in North American Competition

The Middle School coding club is participating in CodeMonkey's Code Rush competition. The TBS team currently ranks seventh among all teams competing in the United States and Canada.
Code Rush is an annual coding competition that allows students to work together in teams to solve as many CodeMonkey challenges as possible, all while learning real text-based code (CoffeeScript). The competition runs through April 2.
The TBS students participating only began learning this coding language in the past two weeks. CoffeeScript is a language that complies to JavaScript. Similarly to JavaScript, it is used in the industry primarily for web applications. Our students have been working tirelessly in their free time, at lunch and during study hall.
Members of this year's team are:
Jonathan Carew
Thomas Fasan
Brandon Fleming
Ryan Kraskinski
Joshua Leiser
Brantley O'Day
Diego Ortiz
Ainsley Rash
Joshua Thompson
Connor Thornton