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With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities are making changes to the way they are handling admissions for the high school class of 2021. We will try to keep you informed on changes as we receive information.
Among the known changes are:
• Going Test Optional
Many colleges and universities are waiving standardized tests for the Class of 2021. Although not all schools will be test optional, they are VERY aware of the fact that many seniors will not have many opportunities to take a test and will be taking this into consideration when reviewing this component of the application process. The College Board and ACT are also adding testing opportunities throughout the fall. 
• Hosting Virtual Tours
Virtual tours are being offered in lieu of campus visits this summer. Most all college campuses offer opportunities for students and families to become engaged in a Virtual Campus Experience. These typically require registration, so demonstrated interest can be tracked by the individual college or university. Many college fairs have been canceled for the fall of 2020, therefore virtual tours may be the only option to explore a campus until it is determined when campus tours will resume.
• Letters of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendation from teachers have always been very important, but this year their words will resonate even louder! Colleges and universities want to know how students dealt with online learning? Download our teacher recommendation form.
• COVID-19 Prompt via The Common Application
Common Application released a COVID-19 prompt for students to be able to share how the COVID-19 pandemic affected them. This will allow students to write one response that will be sent to all schools via the Common Application.