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The Burlington School Photo Album

The Burlington School welcomed distinguished members of South Korea into our midst this morning! They traveled far to visit their students who are here studying with us during the month of January. Here, we greet the first female mayor of Gwacheon City, along with two South Korean diplomats from New York City, as well as an IT director for the city and a student ambassador as well. President and Vice President of Alamance-Burlington Sister Cities Ann Honeycutt and Grand Master Sang Ho Lee also joined us for tours of each campus. Look at our sweet gift exchange, Upper School photo, and our Lower Schoolers giving Mayor Shin Gye-yong huge hugs!

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54275/73067_thumb.jpg 54275/74905_thumb.jpg 54275/76783_thumb.jpg 54275/79315_thumb.jpg 54275/82269_thumb.jpg
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54275/50939_thumb.jpg 54275/52583_thumb.jpg 54275/55230_thumb.jpg 54275/58262_thumb.jpg 54275/61330_thumb.jpg
54275/63812_thumb.jpg 54275/65851_thumb.jpg 54275/67385_thumb.jpg 54275/70277_thumb.jpg 54275/73183_thumb.jpg
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